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Recover the cost of your goods

Cost of Goods Improvement

Controlling your cost of goods sold (COGS) is your restaurant's financial success. Our COGS consulting offers you a comprehensive set of aids in improving the cost of products, saving money and optimizing the profitability of your restaurant.

How we improve the cost of goods

Step One

Analyze Current COGS 

We will perform a rigorous analysis of your current COGS. We will then implement cost-saving strategies. We will examine every aspect of goods costs, from menu size to recipe costs, portion control, batch recipe compliance, menu engineering. and supplier ordering practices. By identifying the specific reasons behind high COGS, we will provide you with a specific cost of goods improvement plan to effectively address these issues.

Step two

Predict sales and target cost percentages

We'll delve into the inner workings of your restaurant. By meticulously reviewing the financial data within your POS system and your reports, we can truly understand what is happening.

Step three


Change is a process we will undertake gradually, maintaining ongoing support and regular meetings to ensure your restaurant runs better and is more profitable. By accepting our guidance, with your openness and dedication, your restaurant will thrive and evolve to its full potential.

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