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A Harlem Restaurant - Project

Mission: To reframe the identity of in a way that simultaneously maintains current customers while attracting new clientele. This necessitates shifting from solely a ‘bar culture’ to a ‘bar and restaurant’ culture. This will entail the creation of a full menu, training in what consists of professional service and guaranteeing top quality experience for all (both staff and customers). Through these means we will ensure sustainability and growth.


Current situation – What Is: Lack of strong leadership and clear procedure guidelines; having changed executive chef 3 times in the last 12 months; 10% decrease in sales compare to previous year; Increase in customer dissatisfaction as measured by lower yelp reviews to 3 stars – from 3 ½


Desired Situation What Should Be: A well-informed, competent head chef who is adaptable and has a desire to grow; increased profitability stemming from an increase in sales as well as a strong control over percentages; a flawless dining experience that leaves an impression on customers, with an upbeat and well-stocked bar; a kitchen and wait-staff team running smoothly with procedures in place that allow adaptability – meaning clear staff guidelines regardless of who the head chef is.




This client was a bar and restaurant located at the heart of Central Harlem. It opened in March 2012 and has averaged $4 million in sales every year since. This client has not only become a staple in the community but also has become a destination place for visitors from all over the country.


Mission Statement: To represent and honor the vibe, energy and style that only Harlem can offer. To achieve and maintain distinction in food, service, atmosphere and setting in a way that our client gains a first-class reputation for gastronomy, gracious and informed hospitality, comfort and beauty - drawing new and repeat customers year after year. To achieve the above whilst upholding staff policies and practices which promote a fair and positive working environment.




our client’s initial business plan was to be a bar operation with a 20% projection for food sales. It turns out that while the business assumed it should market itself as solely bar spot, in 2015 our client did more than double that initial projection, with 45% of total sales being food. This is a clear issue regarding identity. Without truly understanding and owning the role of the establishment within the neighborhood (and in the mind of customer) our client would not be maximizing its potential. Additionally, there has not been a strong Back-of- the-House team that can produce consistently excellent food quality while simultaneously providing a wide array of options to truly satisfy the customer’s individual preferences.




Creating a second-to-none environment for our bar and restaurant establishment while providing employees with a safe, warm, and encouraging workplace with opportunities for growth within the company. Re-tuning the menu to both highlight the uniqueness of our establishment and staff as well as providing customer’s favorites. This also included hiring the right Executive Chef that can be a representative for our client and set up a structure of leadership. For marketing purposes, establishing a strong understanding of our identity within the marketplace we find ourselves in and leverage that to ensure increased exposure and growth.

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