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An Owner Doesn’t Do, An Owner Creates

I don’t see anything wrong seeing the owner helping out in the restaurant.

That is precisely the problem, that you don’t see the problem.

The misconception that the owner should collaborate and help out during the busiest times is very prevalent in most restaurants.

But to an experienced restaurant operator it only shows that this owner does not understand the roles and responsibilities of each person working in the business. This business doesn’t have a structure for each role, that all structures are mixed and that everyone is a “Do it all”.

The focus of an owner should never be “DOING” it should be “CREATING” the systems for a team that understands the responsibilities and the functions for each role. To see an owner “Helping on the floor or Kitchen” it only says that this owner is not capable of creating these systems, that the structure if full of holes and this operation has not been capable of CREATING systematical protocols and systems for the restaurant to run efficiently and the business needs someone who happens to be the owner -who in reality is the most expensive member of any team- doing the little things that can be done by a busser or a server. In summary, as long as you keep doing the “Little Things” that take you away from your principal role, your business will not thrive. What happens when you are not there? 

Your role as an owner needs you to run the business side of your restaurant, handle finances, run the hiring process, oversee payroll, approve menu changes, order equipment, studying industry trends, keeping an eye on the market around you, the competition  and monitor the inventory-management system.

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